Woke up at about 11:50am. Went to bed at about 2:50 am. I watched super bowl. No meditation as promised before. Now today immediately after waking up, I meditated for 7 minutes, focusing on breath and counting exhales. After that a minute or so of positive affirmations like – I am peaceful, I am happy, I am healthy etc. Then spent considerable time on YouTube, catching up with the meaningless circus called super bowl and other nonsense activities. Then I had to go to post office and to library. I did all that while listening to Sam Harris podcast, his conversation with Dan Dannet on Free Will. Amusing and fascinating. Also intellectually enriching. I didn’t read anything of substance today. Tomorrow. Always relaying on tomorrow. Today was a good start comparing to yesterday. Slowly. I have to be on alert and mindful of constantly being bombarded ,  seduced or led astray by trivial temptations. Until tomorrow. Making progress. Change is in the making. Right around the corner. Just have to execute. And as the productive people say: Just show up.


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