Feeling tired. Woke up at around 12:00. No wonder, right? As I went to bed at 6:00am. Too much libido and all-around nonsense. I meditated for 7 minutes, sort of. Later I went to the university to meet with my supervisor and discuss the final thesis project. It didn’t turned out how I had expected it. For I had to change my supervisor. Reason being, my prospective supervisor was already working with much more students she could handle. Thus she recommended I switch to criminology department and approach the main guy there regarding my thesis. I did as she said and approached, let’s say, Mister Breadling. I introduced the topic of my project to him in, I suppose, a somewhat chaotic manner. We found some common ground in our conversation on which to agree upon. Long story short – he will be my new supervisor. I am not sure yet how should I feel about this. Also in the spur of the moment, he insisted that I should reconsider the title of my project. I did exactly that and now I’m stuck with his suggestion. For better or worse. Will see. No exercises today, too tired. Life goes on.


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