Woke up at 10:30am, went to bed at around 2:00am. Very bad quality of sleep. Woke up several times in the middle of the night. That pulsating sensation emanating from my head or neck is bothering me bigly. Nevertheless after waking up I proceeded to meditate for 10 minutes. Also tried to meditate before going to sleep, but was successful only for about a minute or so, then drifted swiftly into sleep. I read about 70 pages of Powell’s book which I plan to finish tomorrow. One more important thing worth mentioning – this has been my second day I have been drinking more than 5l water per day. Also my second day of gluten-free diet. I’m excited to observe whether this change in my nutrition plan will improve my health and overall well-being. Still exercising, yesterday ran 1 k. Hope to increase the mileage incrementally. Overall, not a bad day, considering that throughout the day I felt tired. Of course, there’s enormous room for growth. I can be much more efficient with my time and much more focused.


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