Went to sleep around 2:50am or even later. Poor time management once again, stupidity and mindlessness. Woke up with several interruptions but ultimately at around 11:40am. My head is still pulsating heavily during the night and thus disturbing my sleep. I meditated for 10 minutes. I finally finished reading general Colin Powell’s book “It worked for me”. Verdict – inspirational, a few nuggets of wisdom and advice. Most important thing that I got from the book is that you have to find a purpose, dream big, work hard, believe in yourself and then anything is possible. I love USA. That’s a country I wish to be a part of. American dream is the dream of humanity. Now onto the next one. I am still going strong on my water consumption challenge (minimum 5 l per day) and gluten-free diet. No significant changes yet. Otherwise, I still wasted tons of time on YouTube. But I feel that I am making at least a tiny bit of progress compared to the state where I was two weeks ago. That’s encouraging. I have to keep going. Changing habits is hard, but once you do it, it becomes easy and natural.


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