Went to sleep at around 3:00am. Difficult to fall asleep immediately after spending time on the internet. Woke up at around 10:30am. Quality of sleep – average. Then meditated for 10 minutes or so. Then internet. YouTube. Read or skimmed through about 100 pages of Williams book. Hope to finish tomorrow. Otherwise – again I’m kind of disappointed in myself. I can do better than that. I can read more. I can learn more. I can improve more. I have to start researching for my thesis project. Better sooner than later. Time is of value.

On other fronts – still exercising daily and sticking to my water-drinking routine and gluten-free diet. Nofap for more than 2 weeks now. Plenty of beautiful distractions though. Sometimes it’s getting harder and harder to resist. My mind is addicted to beautiful women and games and nonsense. Hard to change habits. But it’s possible. I hope.


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