Woke up at 8:50am. Went to sleep around 1:00am. Bad quality of sleep. My head was pulsating quite heavily and I woke up several times during the night. I have found no cure for this disturbing bodily sensation I’m experiencing as of late.

I tried to meditate while I was on my way to the university. Not sure whether this counts as a meditation. While sitting in a lecture I found myself totally incapable of listening to the speaker. My mind was not working (in the sense that I was not consciously absorbing the onslaught of words directed at my auditory nerves). My thoughts were not there nor somewhere else. I felt tired and fairly disinteressted.

After the lectures I went to a bookstore and bought 3 books – Slingerland’s “Trying not to try”, David Brook’s “The road to character”and Geoff Colvin’s “Talent is overrated”.

Plan for next week – to finish writing an essay in legal ethics course and begin my thesis research.

The above mentioned books will wait. Their time will come.


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